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About Wing Compressor

Our unique compressors, named Wing Compressor, have a mechanism and functions which are completely different from those of conventional reciprocating type compressors.

Their unequalled performance and excellent capabilities have brought about a big reputation and a high market share for our company.

Applications include cement powder, fly ash, PVC powder, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, feed, flour, rice, granulated sugar, glass powder, paint powder, urea, silica sand, soda lime, active carbon, coke powder, and carbon black.

Six features


Unique rocking mechanism for rotor allows compact design, minimizes vibration, and assures high efficiency.

The most outstanding feature of the Wing Compressor is the unique rocking mechanism for the rotor. As shown in Fig. 1, the rotor makes rocking motion rather than rotation in the cylinder. Thus, gas suction and discharge are performed simultaneously, and in one cycle of rocking motion, the gas in each of the spaces in the shape of a circular segment is delivered two times. This basic concept has allowed the Wing Compressor to be designed compactly. As shown in Fig. 2, the elimination of the need for the cross head, which is an essential part of the reciprocating type compressor, makes the design further compact.

Fig. 1 Sectional view of Wing Compressor

Fig. 2 Comparison of basic concept of reciprocating type compressor with that of Wing Compressor


Completely oil-free

For the slide ways of the cylinder inside and the rotor, a seal bar made of self-lubricating carbon and a special material are used, thus, there is no need for oil lubrication of the cylinder inside, and the discharged gas is clean, being free of oil. The seal bar is provided with a unique construction called the restricted type one, having a semipermanent life.


Minimized vibration and noise

The rotor provides rocking motion rather than linear reciprocating motion, which is by the reciprocating type compressor, thus, the vibration is cancelled to be minimized, resulting in the noise being also minimized.


Wing Compressor can accommodate practically any type of special gas.

Hori Engineering has made R&D about the materials of the shaft sealing and gas contact portions of the rotor in positively addressing the special gasses which cannot be accommodated by any other make compressors. As a result of this, Hori Engineering has got renowned as a unique gas compressor manufacturer in the industry, supplying a number of gas engine compressors, nitrogen manufacturing plant compressors, gasoline vapor recovery system vacuum pumps (which has been used in more than 1000 domestic and overseas places).


Hori Engineering is also a superb manufacturer of compressors meeting low-pressurei2 ‡sf/cm2 gagej specifications.

For in-plant pneumatic transportation of powder, a low-pressure (2 ‡sf/cm2 gage) compressor is generally used instead of the general screw-type, which is not suited for such an application. The low-pressure compressor can be designed and manufactured as an analog to the compressor for pneumatic bulk trailers, for which Hori Engineering is specialized.


It is available at an extremely reasonable cost.

Hori Engineering is always making an effort to reduce the cost of the compressor. Your request for estimation of the Hori Engineering compressor will be welcomed at any time. The estimate offered will surely meet your requirements.

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